April 16, 2021

Social Responsibility

The Many Virtues of the Heart of Mine Foundation

As we mentioned in previous newsletters, the Heart of Mine Foundation, the caritative initiative of GoldFinX created to accelerate GoldFinX’s sustainability and social benefit objectives, has been established and is now operational. The main goal of Phase I is the continuous development of Heart of Mine Foundation’s Mercury Eradication Program, which is focused on the elimination of the toxic use of mercury by utilizing a two-prong approach:

  • Raising awareness and monitoring the progression of mercury via human blood tests inside the mining communities around Yamoussoukro
  • Providing a unique GoldFinX Lab-Separator mobile container unit close to the village of artisanal miners to separate the gold flakes as an alternative to using dangerous toxic heavy metals

The innovative program is now attracting the attention of such big names as the United Nations because its divisions (GEF, Planet Gold, etc.) have a very similar emphasis on removing mercury from these artisanal gold miners’ environment.

There is a reason we keep mentioning Heart of Mine Foundation in this newsletter. This noble initiative brings direct support and acknowledgment to the GoldFinX business model. It is now bringing us closer to having our Green Gold status being recognized by a large segment of the gold buying industries (the high-end luxury Jewelry Association and Hi-Tech).

Life After COVID: GoldFinX anticipates that the government interventions and vaccine rollouts will ease the pandemic restrictions and travel limitations in the next few months. This should allow us to start expanding geographically by the end of the year, after having properly established and expanded the Ivory Coast operations.

Where to Next?: The current relationship with the United Nations might impact which countries will be part of our future expansion plans. They have a series of priority countries related to the eradication of Mercury agenda (Ghana, Burkina, Mali: all countries surrounding the borders of the Ivory Coast). Instead of our current portfolio of identified and curated mines in South America and Canada, we might be steered in this new direction. The support of the UN in those new countries could be a significant game-changer for GoldFinX.

GoldFinX Announcements

The New GoldFinX Peer-to-Peer Wallet

As promised, a long-awaited feature is now available. You may send GiX coins from within your GiX wallet via email. Follow these simple steps to send GiX:

  • Enable the P2P wallet inside your GiX Wallet
  • Add GiX to your P2P Wallet from your GiX Wallet
  • Send any available amount of GiX to a recipient’s email address
  • The recipient will receive an email to add GiX to their own P2P Wallet

If you have any questions or experience difficulties, please contact us at [email protected] .

Donate GiX to the Heart of Mine Foundation

Many GiX holders have asked to donate GiX, and now it’s even easier to do so. You may donate in any of the following ways:

  1. From within the P2P Wallet, send GiX to [email protected]
  2. On the Heart of Mine website, click "DONATE NOW" and select the GiX option
    • Scan the QR code or add the wallet address to send any amount of GiX from your crypto wallet 

The images below show you what you should see.

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