April 19, 2020

Dear Community Member,

First of all, we genuinely hope that all of you and your families continue to remain healthy and safe. The world looks a little scary right now, but we must continue to do our part to keep out of harm's way the best we can. We are all looking forward to brighter days soon, and everyone here at GoldFinX extends our warmest wishes to all of you.

Now, here's some good news. We are happy to announce that we have re-scheduled our public listing for May 7. It will be on the award-winning cryptocurrency exchange, Coinsbit, and soon to be followed on two other exchanges: P2PB2B and Simex. The latter exchange will allow US-residents and corporations to register and trade GiX coins once we are listed.

Together we have analyzed the perfect timing for the listings as the demand for digital coins has remained constant in this volatile market. Although it may be counterintuitive to most people, we are confident this will be great timing for the GiX coin.


We'd also like to remind you of the GoldFinX Referral program. This is the last chance to buy GiX at 2 Euros before we go on public exchanges. By referring others to GoldFinX, you get a 5% bonus on any purchase of GiX they make at 2 Euros.

If you're already registered on GoldFinX, you will find "Refer & Earn" in the side menu bar of the main page of your wallet (See image above). When you press the option, you will see a link that has been specially created for you. Make sure to give the link when inviting others.

This is the perfect time to tell others about the GoldFinX opportunity.

Believe it or not, we do have some other news to give you. Here are just a few of the highlights:
1. We are still practicing social distancing. Who thought it would be so hard to just stay at home all day long, right? But we're taking advantage of the situation to prepare for the future. Projects in South America, Canada, and Tanzania are being finalized, and trips to mines are being organized as soon as it is safe to travel again. All these projects have a tremendous amount of potential and will go a long way to help with the diversification that is an instrumental part of GoldFinX's risk mitigation strategy.
2. Upon hearing through several of their contacts about our preparations to penetrate South America with our business model, Mexico Business reached out to us for an interview. Here is an excerpt with our COO Francois Dumont:

"Our idea is to marry the old world and the new world. When we speak of the latter, we are referring to cryptocurrency, which is how we raise funds. Traditional sources of finance are not applicable to artisanal mining activities. In 2017, the team that would become GoldFinX looked for alternative sources and realized that cryptocurrency could be viable. The capital we raise is used to finance cooperatives of artisanal miners."

Click on the image below to read the full article.
3. As we've mentioned to you in past newsletters, we have exciting possibilities in Canada. Francois Dumont and Alain Berclaz were traveling extensively within this beautiful country, from the west coast to the east, before the traveling restrictions were set in place in March.

See below just some of the pictures from their adventures. It's important to remember that when you plan to work in the forests of Canada, grizzly bears and lots of snow are just a few of the challenges! We are thankful that we have an experienced Canadian mining team that has the patience needed to deal with anything thrown their way!
This is a good time to mention that you can go a long way to making sure your involvement in GoldFinX is optimized by participating on our social media sites and liking all the posts and announcements we make. The more people find out about us in the next few months, the more people will get involved, and that, in turn, will enhance the GiX value!
If you have questions regarding any of this info, please email us at [email protected].

Warm regards,

Gonzalo Gandia - Chief Marketing Officer