August 19, 2020

Ivory Coast

We're Still Here and Going Strong

You didn't think a little thing like the Coronavirus was going to scare us away, did you? Okay, this pandemic issue might actually be a big thing, but our COO Francois Dumont was finally able to get back into the Ivory Coast this past month. And we didn't waste any time documenting what has happened in recent times. Gold is being produced, and we're on track to having a stellar year after the slight interruption.

COO Francois Dumont holding a fresh doré bar.

Getting Reinforcements

In order to meet our goals for this year, we need to continue to add equipment that will get the job done. Here is the latest addition to the arsenal.

Media Interviews

Wait...Who Are You Again?

As we continue to push our message out there, it seems that people are becoming more and more interested in what we're doing. To a lot of people, it seems we came out of nowhere, but for those who have been following us over the last few years, you know all the hard work that has been put into this!

Gold and Silver: CEO Philippe Bednarek gave an impassioned interview with the one and only Chris Marcus at Arcadia Economics.

SuperCharged GoldFinX: Arcadia Economics interviewed Andrew O'Donnell of SuperCharged Stocks and they discussed the value of what GoldFinX is accomplishing in the industry. Here is the full interview; we appear at the 20-minute mark.

Déjà Vu: If Andrew's name looks familiar, it's because he wrote an incredible article about us in Prospector News.

Social Media

Soaring to New Heights

The number of followers on our social media platforms are increasing monthly. Quite frankly, our growth in Asia has been amazing as we continue to also grow our number of coin holders there.

Up, Up, and Away: Weibo has been on fire since the start of the year, and our follower base went over 65,000 last week. Congrats to the whole team for their tireless efforts.

Together We Stand: Our follower base is now way over 200k. We have big plans for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.

Together We Change the World: With all these followers on board, it is time to build a community of warriors for social change. We will announce our new Ambassador Program this coming month, and we hope you'll contribute any way you can.


Not Just Any Coin...

Market Recap

A New Record High

On Sunday, August 2nd, the GiX coin hit a new high for the GIX-EUR pair at €3.002. The coin has settled in at the €2.83 mark as recently as August 16

This is one of the industry's best-kept secrets, but not for much longer. The GiX is backed by an incredible business plan with such an amazing socially-conscious business model. We look forward to incredible things in the next few months that will further cement our position as one of the serious choices among all coins. 

The price of the coin has increased in value by over 40% since its listing on May 7. I would say that's a good start, wouldn't you?

In the meantime, remember to stay alert out there.

If you have questions regarding any of these posts, please email us at  [email protected].

Warm regards,

Gonzalo Gandia - Chief Marketing Officer