February 28, 2021

Social Responsibility

Inauguration Day in the Ivory Coast

On Friday, February 19th, we celebrated the official launch of Heart of Mine Foundation in the Ivory Coast. The inauguration event was held in the town of Djekanou and was attended by more than 200 people.

The press conference and workshops on the toxic effects of mercury were hugely popular, and further points to the urgency of this topic in gold mining. The elimination of mercury is front and center in the minds of the general population. The mayor told our COO Francois Dumont that he had never seen a turnout like this for any event in the past. The time for action is now!

The video below shows some of the highlights:

The Heart of Mine team in the Ivory Coast

The Language of Love: French is the official language in the Ivory Coast. This is why the operations there will go under the name Coeur de Mine. 

Our First Coverage:  We're in the news already (in French), and this coming month promises to be a busy month of many, many updates.

Meet Our President: Not only is Anassi Etchri DeKouassi a special advisor to the Heart of Mine Foundation, but she is also the President of Coeur de Mine in the Ivory Coast. She brings experience and leadership to this important project and is extremely well connected throughout the region. Her presence has opened the doors for Coeur de Mine to begin partnerships with local and international NGOs. 


Coeur de Mine's First Strategic Alliance with SACO

Heart of MIne (HoM) signed a partnership agreement with an important Canadian NGO: SACO-CESO. This partnership will benefit the mining communities where HoM is involved by raising their quality of life. SACO will provide critical expertise in governance, community relations, program management, and other valuable technical aptitudes.

This alliance will allow HoM to accelerate its deployment timetable for its Awareness and Solution pillars of intervention linked to the highly toxic use of Mercury in the artisanal gold mining world.

The agreement was signed by SACO’s M. Apollinaire Ihaza, based in Canada as Director International Services, Africa, and their local permanent representative Mme Dominique Faye based in Abidjan. Coeur de Mine was represented by the foundation’s President, Mme Anassi DeKousassi.

Happy to announce we have already started evaluating the areas of priority and will kick off the deployment in April of this year.

Media Interviews and Coverage

An AMA with a Vietnamese Flavor

CEO Philippe Bednarek has been very busy recently bringing awareness to GoldFinX.  The latest Question & Answer event was with the CryptoVN Group. As always, the interaction brought many key questions to the table as GoldFinX continues to make its mark in the industry.

Striking Gold: Check out our Press Release on NewsBTC this past month. The hard work to move on from some of the crippling effects of the global pandemic is starting to pay off now. The coming months promise to be our best yet!

Social Media

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To keep up with all the latest news for Heart of Mine, join our LinkedIn page. There is tons of news coming out of the Ivory Coast as GoldFinX positions itself as truly the premiere socially responsible project in the market today.

In the meantime, remember to stay alert out there.

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Gonzalo Gandia - Chief Marketing Officer