June 16, 2020

This is the new normal. We all are adjusting to a type of crisis many of us have never had to encounter in our lifetime. Our shared experience not only means we all understand the confusion and uncertainty we are living at this moment, but we also know that we need to adjust quickly to the changing financial landscape.

Here at GoldFinX, it’s no different. We continue to work tirelessly to make sure 2020 is as fantastic a year as we had forecasted despite the pandemic and serious social issues affecting almost every region of the world. And we have lots of great news to tell you over the next few weeks, so let's start with big news from yesterday.

Our 2nd Exchange in 30 Days! :rocket:

For the second time in just over a month, our digital coin GiX was listed on a public Cryptocurrency exchange yesterday. The Simex exchange plays an important role as it will allow US residents and corporate clients to have access to the GiX coin and participate in the industry's premier socially responsible digital currency.

The first listing on May 7th on Coinsbit has been a definite success, with the price of GiX steadily appreciating by over 20% during this time. Please see the graph below showing the 30-day price fluctuation since listing on this exchange.

You can now track the GiX here on the Coinsbit exchange https://coinsbit.io/trade/GIX_EUR and the Simex exchange here https://simex.global/en/exchange/gix/usd.

Stay tuned for news on a third exchange in the near future for our growing Asian market. 

Here are just a few more highlights:
1. In the last newsletter, I mentioned how we had surpassed 20,000 subscribers on Facebook. Not only have we now blown past the 30,000 subscriber mark, but our Asian presence has been growing exponentially as well. We have some very important plans for this region of the world and we are fully dedicated to the marketing outreach in this market.
2. COO Francois Dumont sat down with the folks at Stockhouse for an interview discussing all the latest news from GoldFinX. Press the image below for the podcast.
If you have questions regarding any of this info, please email us at [email protected].

Warm regards,

Gonzalo Gandia - Chief Marketing Officer