March 23, 2020

Dear Community Member,

This is not our usual newsletter where we share lots of good news of the GoldFinX project. Yes, there are good news to tell you but we’ll save all that for an upcoming news recap.

First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy. We understand how difficult it can be to feel comfortable right now as we all deal with a global pandemic. The immediate future looks uncertain but we should continue to apply the best-practices of personal hygiene with both ourselves and our surrounding areas.

As many of you spend more time than usual at home in the coming weeks, you may start to wonder what is going on with the GoldFinX project. This situation is also very brand new to us as well. Things got pretty crazy in a short period of time. Remember that we were at the world’s most important mining convention in Toronto just three weeks ago! (See updated photos in our gallery)

Here is how we ARE and ARE NOT being affected right now:

How We Are Being Affected:

1. Our GiX public listing at the end of the month has been postponed. We will be giving you more information in the coming days and weeks as soon as the picture becomes clearer. We are in constant conversations with the exchanges and are preparing for the nearest listing date as possible.

2. Even before the drastic travel bans had been imposed by most countries, all travel had been suspended within GoldFinX as each member of the Exec team is in different cities around the world.

3. All events programmed for the next 45 days have been canceled.

How We Are NOT Being Affected:

1. The existing artisanal mines in the Ivory Coast continue to produce gold. They have remained largely unaffected and continue to develop quickly. Our projections, as of today, remain the same as always.

2. Our Exec team has been working together for several decades and has lots of experience dealing with adverse situations in project management. We are in constant contact with each other and the GoldFinX team around the world, including our partners and suppliers. There is plenty of work to be done still, and we all continue with our daily efforts almost unabated.

3. Our gold mine projects in Tanzania and Canada were already very advanced and should suffer only small delays, if any, in the projected gold production for this year.

Stay safe out there. We are in this together.
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