May 25, 2021

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Meet Heart of Mine's New Chairwoman of the Board

Heart of Mine is pleased to announce the appointment of Tanya Woods as Chairwoman of the Board, effective May 1st, 2021. Tanya has been an advisor for Heart of Mine for over 6 months as she spearheaded the building blocks of the foundation.

Her vast experience and proven track record in the sustainability and impact-investing sectors will allow Heart of Mine to become a world leader in the elimination of mercury within the mining process. Heart of Mine’s ERADICATE MERCURY program is set to not only help resolve the devastating complications mercury brings to mining communities, but also the trail of harm it creates for the global food chain.

We have found the ideal person we’ve always wanted to lead this foundation and to help propel future success and growth.

GoldFinX News

Our COO Francois Dumont in the Ivory Coast

Since the beginning of the year, Francois Dumont has been installed in our offices in the Ivory Coast and visiting many potential gold mining sites. Covid has certainly played a factor in our ability to execute our business model, but there are many roads that lead to Rome. 

Here are some of the ways we have remained productive in the last year:

  • We were able to regulate all of the permits with new mining rules coming into effect 
  • Thoroughly training personnel 
  • Testing and experimental production on all existing and potential sites

By preparing the path to expand quickly, we expect to have caught up to our original gold production projections by Q1 2022. 

TruOrigin: Potential partnerships with high-end gold buyers are being negotiated as entities get increasingly comfortable with our TruOrigin supply-chain management system. TruOrigin is irrevocably demonstrating the true origin of the gold and therefore allowing the buyer to use the Green Gold label on the gold they acquire in their supply-chain because of GFX conformity to formalized and legal regulations.

GiX Updates: Many of you have been anxiously waiting for news on the GiX coin. This year has presented some challenges that have us working around the clock to resolve. Next month we'll have some exciting news to share. Stay tuned! 

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