October 26, 2020

Market Recap

Exchange Trifecta

On October 22nd, we were listed on our 3rd exchange of the year. This time it was the highly-rated Bitmart. We feel we're getting better and better with our choices to make sure our coin holders have the best possible solutions on the market.

There are two trading pairs:

  • GiX/USDT https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?symbol=GIX_USDT
  • GiX/BTC https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?symbol=GIX_BTC
We invite you to follow along and see how the GiX evolves as it gets more and more popular.

Click on the picture to see our announcement on Facebook.

There's More Where That Came From: We simply haven't finished yet. There are more exchanges being negotiated, and we expect to announce the good news at the beginning of 2021.

Ambassador Program

Early Reviews are Positive

Our Ambassador Program was launched to a small audience last month, and the feedback has been very encouraging. We have some big plans for this all-important program, and as it evolves, it should be a great way to share the GoldFinX message to the mass market!  

Here's one of our many fantastic Ambassadors giving us some props.
Visit our Ambassador page to see more reviews by pressing the image above.

Media Interviews and Coverage

A Bright Future for Gold

Did you see our latest article in The Coin Magazine? The blogger Natalie Christie, a self-described nomad, entrepreneur, and investor following the bitcoin space, successfully discusses all the reasons why Gold will be important in the future. The article could have also been called "A Bright Future for GoldFinX," as very few projects in the crypto-sphere can really say they are based on two important asset classes AND a robust business model. Read about it here.

Ask Me Anything: Philippe Bednarek participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event on October 21st to promote the Bitmart exchange listing. The questions were thought-provoking and abundant. As always, Philippe did an amazing job answering them.

Ivory Coast

Our CEO and COO Together in the Ivory Coast

Our CEO and COO went to the Ivory Coast to prepare for an incredible finish to 2020. The video below shows exactly what one of our mines looks like and gives you an idea of how a mining site can be transformed to increase efficiency and improve the miners' surrounding conditions with a clean and safe working environment.

Getting ready to replicate the business model all around the world!

If We Spent More Time GiXing, the World Would Be a Better Place!

Social Media

What Are You Waiting For?

We continuously put out lots of content on our social media pages. But you already know this as I've been telling you about our social media efforts for the longest time. So, are you following any of them? If you want to keep up to date daily with general information about GoldFinX, this is one of the best ways to do it.

See below for some sampling of content on a few of our pages:

LinkedIn: We're re-starting our blogging efforts again on Medium, and this post on LinkedIn from October 9th talks about smart contracts.

Twitter: This platform is great for quick updates and interesting snippets about the GoldFinX project and industry news. In this post from September 29th, we uploaded an interesting article from the BBC about how much gold is still left to mine in the world.

Facebook: We've been using Facebook as a megaphone for our Ambassador program. This was published on September 28th. We try to create entertaining information that we think will interest many of you.

In the meantime, remember to stay alert out there.

If you have questions regarding any of these posts, please email us at  [email protected] .

Warm regards,

Gonzalo Gandia - Chief Marketing Officer