September 28, 2020

Ambassador Program


I love a superhero movie as much as the next person. But the real superheroes are regular people like you and me. Making small efforts go a long way toward making significant changes in people's lives. The GoldFinX Ambassador program is a perfect complement to what GoldFinX is already doing to help small mining communities worldwide.

Click on the picture to go to our Ambassador Page. And please give us your feedback!

Leave the Place Better than You Found It: And we haven't even discussed the changes we can make to our environment. We have to do everything we can to stop the use of toxic material like Mercury and Arsenic. This change alone will clean up the environment as nothing else will!

Show Us What You Got: Join our team and help us any way you can. Sharing our message to your network, helping us with contacts in the NGO world, buying GiX, receiving compensation for getting your friends to buy just a little bit of coins... as we said before, anything you can do goes a LONG WAY!!!

Market Recap

Third Time's a Charm

We have some great news! We will be on exchange #3 in the next couple of weeks. This means more liquidity for the GiX coin holder. Even better news for those of you who are holding the GiX for the long haul: this is just another move that shows the world how committed we are to success! 

The Big Reveal: The name of the exchange is Bitmart. And thanks to them, this time there will be easy access for all GiX coin holders from the Asia Pacific region. Not only that but subscribers from all over the world will be pleasantly surprised by the site's user experience and speed.  

Patience is a Virtue: We'll be sending lots more information and links in the next Newsletter, and more details about our latest exchange partner. 

Ivory Coast

Eye in the Sky

Did you miss the video of one of our mining sites taken by a drone? Check it out below. Remember: the most minimal change is created to the environment, and always with the safety and health of the miners in mind. When all is said and done, this whole area will look better than what it was before!!

Ground Preparation in the Ivory Coast

How Many Problems Can One Coin Solve? More than You Think!

Media Interviews

Pardon My French

We have a multi-lingual and talented team, and it's not often we get to show off the linguistic skills during interviews. Here is an interview COO Francois Dumont did with Marius Chez Vous. The host, Marius Muhunga, has been promoting information about African culture for a long time. His channel is intended to be one that promotes human values with a view to raising awareness among young people of the challenges of their development. That sounds like a perfect mission statement we can stand behind!

COO Francois Dumont on Marius Chez Vous

In the meantime, remember to stay alert out there.

If you have questions regarding any of these posts, please email us at  [email protected] .

Warm regards,

Gonzalo Gandia - Chief Marketing Officer