Cryptocurrencies are digital, decentralized monetary structures, created via blockchain technology. Most cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fiat currencies (USD, EUROS, YEN) or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.
GiX is a cryptocurrency, and like any other crypto or fiat currency, it fluctuates. The case of the GiX is a bit different as it’s protected by a physical Gold asset sitting in secured vaults. The Gold captively accumulating in the vault supports the value of the coin, making the investment a more secure option than a typical coin offering.
GoldFinX is creating 1 Billion coins, and 250 million coins will be sold during Phase I.
Today, you can buy, sell, and trade GiX on our Primary exchange, Bitmart, as well as Coinsbit.
GoldFinX is using the Ethereum platform (ERC20 token standard). ERC20 tokens are quite popular and are supported by almost all crypto exchanges and wallets.
GFX provides coin holders with the most current information, accessible in its newsletters, on its website, and selected social media. With the appropriate transparency, GFX will report the up-to-date status of the operations and its achievements. Starting January 2022, The Board of Trustees of the GiX Trust will regularly provide certifications and audits on the amount of Gold stored in the vaults.