Improving the lifestyle of miners and their families through GoldFinX is not charity. It is an extremely good business model that not only rewards the risk taken by initial coin holders, but also benefits gold miners while positively impacting rural communities both socially and environmentally.

GoldFinX’s social and environmentally conscious efforts ensure the crypto-finance opportunity benefits everyone within the cycle of the project. To this effect, we have structured an important compulsory “Social Impact Program” around the funding of each mining operation.

Protecting the environment is at the root of the GoldFinX project

We only focus on existing gold mines by helping them to employ socially conscious and sustainable mining methods that reduce the negative impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

We strongly support Non-Governmental Organizations like WWF, particularly in their efforts to prevent destruction of rainforests, the exploitation and forced eviction of natives, and the pollution of rivers and oceans with cyanide and mercury.