This section will allow you to submit your mining project for evaluation by GoldFinX. You will be able to create a password protected account using your email address to access our mining platform. Should you need to return to your account to complete your application you can use your email/password credentials to access your information.

The information pertaining to the mine you submit will be consider public information, excluding for the personal information such as name, telephone and email address, for which that will be consider private information.


The ideal partners we are looking for is:

  • A small scale alluvial/eluvial/open-pit gold mining operation
  • Situated in what would internationally be referred to as a safe area
  • Accessible for delivery, by road, of large earth-moving equipments
  • With demonstrated gold reserve via historical extraction activities
  • The quality, experience and trustworthiness of the owner(s) of the mine

Once you check the completed box, GoldFinX Mining Team will start reviewing your application and will contact you for further clarifications is needed.This process timeframe will vary with demand but anticipated to proceed with the analysis with 20 days.


What Happen with my Application

Should your application be considered acceptable it will be placed in a queue of priority. For the selected projects, GoldFinX will proceed by priority with a due diligence process including visit on-site. This due diligence process may take up-to one month depending on logistic and travel .

Submit mine