The ideal mining projects for GoldFinX are small operations with huge potential. We prioritize alluvial cooperatives and hard-rock mineralization, open-pit mining operations, and exclude the in-situ (underground) mining operations in our mine selection process. Each project is thoroughly analyzed internally by our in-house experts and validated by our Mining Selection Committee composed of experienced, seasoned geologists and mining industry experts.

Ideally, each Co-op partnership should possess approximately 40,000 to 50,000+ oz of gold reserves. By the end of the life of our selected mines, it should have generated (at today’s average market price per oz of $1,800) more than €72,000,000.

In January 2022, the first financed mine started its operations, completing Phase 1 of GoldFinX’s business plan. Following its hybrid funding strategy, GoldFinX is now looking to finance Phase 2 of its growth, offering equity in a unique company that combines a profitable business model, access to crypto financing, and an impact on communities and the planet.