The proper equipment (see example above) provides a drastic improvement to any Artisanal and Small Gold Mines operation. GoldFinX assists the mine promoter with the design, selection, and negotiation of the most appropriate equipment and technology. The Artisanal and Small Gold Mines obtain the most suitable state-of-the-art equipment for their specific reserve and terrain.

The obvious benefit of the extraction engineering solution GoldFinX provides, outside of socio-environmental aspects, is the throughput of the production. A single week, and sometimes just one day of production with the appropriate equipment and infrastructure, would be equal to one year of artisanal work. This productivity brings increased profitability in addition to better community life, better respect for the environment, and safer working conditions for the Artisanal and Small Gold Mines.

GoldFinX favors mobile station units for mineral extraction allowing for more efficiency and flexibility. It provides the benefit of assigning the portable extraction machinery more optimally, quickly adapting to higher concentrations, easier access, temporary vein extraction, rainy seasons, geological elevation, etc. Most mining operations have more than one extraction station operating concurrently.